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Hello! I am the Axeman and the webhost. I created and ran the website back when the club was Crazy Coconuts and continued when it changed to the Dollhouse. Then the owner was no longer interested in renewing the site. Ownership & management changed and they were not interested either. Well, I know management has changed at least once or twice since then. I hope to hear back from the current management soon and see if they mightl be interested in renewing the site so that the public can know the important information: Hours, Rates, Specials, Events, and especially photos and videos of the current Entertainers! So if you are reading this and you would like the site updated, call them or stop in and let them know!
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(This info is not accurate - just to show what it could look like)
Dollhouse is located at 3608 7th Street Rd.
Phone: (502) 380-9020
Hours: Noon - 4AM everyday
Cover Charge: $5 after 7PM
Two Drink minimum
Dances start at $22


$69 Special

​2 Couch Dances & 1 Regular Drink
(not really - just an example)

30 Minute VIP

Cornhole Tourney This Spring!

Now Hiring!

We are always looking for new entertainers! Come on in and speak with the manager on duty.

Contact The Dollhouse
(last known information)
3608 Seventh Street Rd
Louisville, KY 

Phone: (502) 380-9020
Hours: Noon-4am
no email 

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